Our terms, your privacy

Revised 26th April 2018

Privacy Policy

We store all data securely in the UK. We share only what's essential for providing our service with some third-parties as follow. We may change theses providers at any time, however this list shall always be up-to-date.

Merchant registration data

We preserve all your provided registration data, and may also store data supplemented from public sources using your identifying details. Any such services that record these enquiries are additionally listed here.

Upon terminating service with us, we shall remove or anonymise all identifable data held by us, within three months of your notice. We can not however state that the providers with whom you have authorised us to undertake supplementary actions (as documented here) shall do the same, and you may be obliged to make removal requests to them yourself should you wish.

Anti-fraud data

We record the IP address and browser details of both customers and merchants for all transactions and signed-in users. For merchants we record location-specific data (such as networks and coordinates) during transactions, keeping only the most recent records. This data is not used to correlate customers.


Merchant Terms of Service

Fees and Schedules

†Payments are made per the above plan schedule via Faster Payments for all outstanding receipts except from the preceeding day which is included with the subsequent payout, after a one day delay. (Excepting bank holidays.) E.g. a payment received before 6pm Monday, will be sent on Wednesday morning.

Merchant Account Agreement

A merchant payment services account is opened and operated upon your registration with us, under the folllowing contractual terms between yourself and Paysafe Financial Services Limited, and with whom you authorise us to act on your behalf in the provision of our services to your business.