Frequently Asked Questions

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Please upload a JPEG, PNG or PDF file which clearly shows your identity document laid out flat, and in colour. If you have a document scanning app on your smartphone (such as Notes on iOS, Scannable), this is the easiest way to capture it. Note that a driving licence photo ID is not accepted for all countries, therefore a passport or national ID card are preferred.

How long will it take before I get my payments into my bank account?

If your bank supports Faster Payments (most do) you'll get it the day after next, before midday — i.e. payments on Monday will be deposited Wednesday morning, but payments on Thursday will be deposited Monday morning. If your bank doesn't support Faster Payments, timing varies, and payments made late at night may take an additional day.

My country isn’t listed.

We currently only support businesses in the UK, but will be launching in other EU countries very soon.

7. Do I have to provide my company number and VAT number?

No, this information is optional.